Light and Illusion
 Matt Brand / Zintaglio Arts (contact)

Zintaglio Arts combines fine arts techniques and state-of-the-art fabrication technologies to coax new experiences from unexpected materials. We develop new media/technologies for each major project, including moiré holography, sheet metal autostereoscopy, picture-forming lenses, "video shadows", 3D mirrors.

NEWS: Bottle Genii, a large-scale moiré-holography structure, has shipped! Shows are coming up in Boston in 2022 & 2023; details TBA. Previously: Virascope alpha & Mutatis Mutandis had great runs at Burning Man along with 2 rhombiyurts! Bottle Genii's progenitor was Gnomon, a kinetic shade structure that turns sunlight into 3D animations.
Stay tuned for more exhibition news.

Recent lumography videos below. Older holo videos at bottom.

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frog hologram video
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