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On playa at Burning Man 2022, topping out at 8 meters (26') with fire cannons.

Bottle Genii is:

a Mystery: The Puzzle of the Bottle Genii — what links these individuals?

an Optic: 8× life-sized 3D portraits inspired by our mystery characters are rendered holographically via moiré in flat perforated steel:

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an Architecture: These holographic panels are load-bearing facets in a novel "candy-twist" zome structure.

an Experience: Bottle Genii is topped with an array of color-fire cannons controlled by you, via computer vision.


STATUS:  Success!

It takes a great crew:

Project updates & photos:


Stored with maintenance list for next installation.
Pressure washing and parts sort.
Shipping container unload.
Packed and loaded into shipping container.
Night-time strike.
Mayan Warrior visits with a crowd of several hundred.
Poofer and 2 fire cannons working.
New propane and fire extinguishers sourced.
Propane tank is bad.
Propane is delivered.
Structure is up and lit!
On-playa construction starts in high winds with white-out dust storms.
Manuals:  Build manual (1.2MB) done. Also see  node photos (15MB) from test build.
Staging for pack.
Collapse & bundle upper level strutwork for shipping. Cleared out and cleaned up build space. Sourced more pallets & ALCs.
Palletization of holo panels. Bundling of struts. Change shipping arrangements.
Strike: roughly 6 hours for 4 people to disassemble. Partial re-assembly to test-fit portal plates.
Safety enclosure for generators. Strut cleaning. Filing of sharp edges. Photo inventory of joints. Glue-up of custom pallet.
Full build unveiled at Artists' Asylum reception. Blacking touch-up.
Steel blacking done.
Portal plates bent and partially fitted.
Tight strut in roofline fixed. Curtains up and lights aligned. Steel blacking started. Made brackets to bolt chandelier to stem to crossbars. Looks great.
Structure completed. Roof crossbars and chandelier stem installed. Chandelier installed and tested. Curtains temporarily up for marking and trimming.
Holographic panels and most of upper structure installed. Portal plates delivered but too late for test build; will modify and test during strike.
Base spiral assembled and ratchet-strapped into position. Gussets deburred.
All holographic panels assembled, framed, and ready for build. More strut end rounding.
Pipe smushing done. Holo sandwiches assembled. Begin framing holo panels. More rounding of strut ends.
Need to smush corners of struts around holo panels to resolve collisions. Found a process. Begin assembling of all holo sandwiches. Rounding of strut ends.
Custom-perforated steel panels have arrived! Only 14 weeks since ordered. Test assembly of one sandwich.
Move remaining parts and tools to the Asylum. Gusset holes are too small due to inclined kerf of laser. Milled 32 gusset plates to widen and chamfer holes.
Moving struts and gussets to the Asylum. Trim and roll edges of all standard-perforated steel panels.
Custom-perforated steel panels shipped, after berating vendor.
Build plan written. Finished machining inclined washers.
It's a deal! We can rent a build space in Artisans' Asylum. No word from fabricators on custom-perforated panels or portal panels. Project is dead if they don't arrive within a week.
Started machining inclined washers.
All twisted and bent struts done.
Last batch of struts to be made.
Logistics day -- recruiting, travel, shipping, tickets.
Curtain design.
Pinging the steel fabricators. No news is bad news.
Replenish pipe supply.
Done cutting all standard-perforated steel sheets.
More cutting steel. Developing a crushing handshake.